Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are these towels made from?

A: They are made from a waffled microfiber fabric. Each towel contains 20 recycled plastic bottles which helps to keep our oceans clean. The microfiber material makes these towels super absorbent and quick drying and the tightly woven fibers do not let sand get in so sand does not stick!

 Q: Are these towels big enough to sunbathe on?

A: They are! All the Beach Fire towels are 63" long by 45" wide which makes them plenty big for one sunbather and maybe even two.

Q: Can I wash and dry these towels?

A: Yes, for best color stay results wash in cold water but hang to dry. These towels can be tumbled dried but the color may fade slightly. The more you use these towels the softer they get. Do not use bleach on these towels.

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